HCI International 2009


Parallel Session

Virtual Classroom and Communicability:

Empathy and Interaction for All

July 23

Being organized in the context of HCI International ’09

:: San Diego (California) USA :: July 19 - 24, 2009 ::









Introduction and Topics, Deadlines and Program Committee

1. Introduction and Topics

The Parallel Session “Virtual Classroom and Communicability: Empathy and Interaction for All” is a premier scientific meeting for discussing the latest advances in the areas of accessibility, communicability, classroom management, distance learning, empathy, e-learning, instructional technologies, laboratory experience, human-computer interaction, open software, pedagogy, user-centered design,  virtual classroom, virtual environment and virtual learning. All papers in the main track must be high quality original papers which address important issues in education, HCI, hypermedia, design and communicability, summarization and retrieval including, but not limited to: 

- Blended Learning
- Cognitive Models
- Computer Aided Education and Teleducation
- Computer-Aided Design
- E-book
- E-tutoring
- Hypertext, Multimedia and Hypermedia
- Indexing and Search of Multimedia Data
- Information Architecture
- Interactive and Interface Design
- Methods and Techniques for Heuristic Evaluation
- M-learning
- Quality Attributes and Metrics in the Interactive Systems
- Semiotics
- Social Psychology
- Sociology
- Usability Engineering
- Virtual Campus
- Virtual Reality
- Web 2.0

All submitted papers will be reviewed by a double-blind (at least three reviewers), non-blind, and participative peer review. These three kinds of review will support the selection process of those that will be accepted for their presentation at the parallel session.  Authors of accepted papers who registered in the parallel session can have access to the evaluations and possible feedback provided by the reviewers who recommended the acceptance of their papers, so they can accordingly improve the final version of their papers.

Best regards, 

Francisco V. Cipolla Ficarra (Chair)
Emma Nicol (Secretariat)

ALAIPO: Asociación Latina Interacción Persona-Ordenador –Latin Association of HCI (www.alaipo.com) and AINCI: Asociación Internacional de la Comunicación Interactiva –International Association of Interactive Communication (www.ainci.com). Address: Via Pascoli, S. 15 (7) - 24121 (Bergamo) Italy :: c/ Angel Baixeras, 5 - AP 1638 - 08080 (Barcelona), Spain. Email: info@alaipo.com / info@ainci.com

P.S. If you wish to be removed from this mailing list, please send an email to info@ainci.com or info@alaipo.com with REMOVE in the subject line. Thanks.     


2. The events have the following deadlines

Papers Submissions: 02.02.2009 - 11:59  pm  EST,  2009  
Authors Notification: 02.20.2009
Camera-ready, full papers: 03.06.2009 


3. Program Committee:

- Francisco V. Cipolla Ficarra (Chair)

Scientific Committee:

- Miguel Cipolla-Ficarra (Ainci & Alaipo)
- Arturo Colorado-Castellary (Spain)
- Paloma Díaz-Pérez (Spain)
- Leda Digión (Argentina)
- Jorge Fernández (Argentina)
- Daniela Fogli (Italy)
- Daniel Giulianelli (Argentina)
- Carola Jones (Argentina)
- Marilú Lebrón-Vázquez (USA)
- Jorge Montoya-Pardo (USA)
- Jorge Mora-Fernández (USA)
- Isidro Moreno-Sánchez (Spain)
- Pablo Negrón-Marrero (USA)
- Emma Nicol (Scotland, UK - Secretariat)
- Rafael Pastor-Vargas (Spain)
- Timoty Read (Spain)
- Rocío Rodríguez (Argentina)
- André Koscianski (Brazil)
- Andreas Kratky (USA)
- Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila (Finland)
- Pablo Vera (Argentina)
- Pablo Villarreal (Argentina)

HCI International 2009 - Virtual Classroom and Communicability  - Session Parallel - Cipolla Ficarra, F (chair) - Emma Nicol (secretariat)

 HCI International '09 - San Diego (California) USA

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AInCI: International Association of Interactive Communication

ALAIPO: Latin Association of HCI


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